Expert seminars

A series of expert seminars that were organised within the project of Reconstruction of the National Cultural Heritage – Jewish School on 6, 19 May and 7 June 2022 in Levice Synagogue were intended for primary and secondary school teachers from the district of Levice. The aim of the seminars organised especially for teachers teaching history, civic education, ethics was to present new opportunities in three series of seminars, and especially to direct the teachers methodically correctly, to create a space for exchange of experience, knowledge and support to eliminate demonstrations of extremism and prejudices in the school environment and among the youth. 

The lecturers were: PhDr. Stanislav Mičev, PhD, Mgr. Lucia Sotáková, PhD., Mgr. Katarína Ristveyová, experts from the Museum of the Slovak National Uprising in Banská Bystrica, with whom we have started cooperation.

Topics of individual lectures: Terminology of Fascism and Nazism, Holocaust in the arbitration territory and in Levice, Education about the Holocaust – theoretical background and practice

Opinions and attitudes of young people is largely formed and influenced by the family, school, peers and media. The task of the school, family and the whole society is to show the danger represented by extremism to the young people. Children and youth should learn how to distinguish critics of political decisions from dangerous demonstrations of extremism based on suppressing human rights of certain groups, and trials to set up a new order the rules of which do not correspond to the principles of democracy.


We are very glad that teachers from 13 schools from our district were involved in the series of lectures and open discussions. Thus, also thanks to EEP and Norway Grants, we can help changing intolerance attitudes towards ethnic, religious or social minorities.