Vernissage NO TO WAR

The reconstruction of the national cultural heritage of the Jewish School will mean establishment of a Tolerance Centre where we want to support the idea of mutual learning of culture, differences and traditions. Although the Jewish School is just before its reconstruction, its premises have come alive with art on 20 April 2022. Worn walls, cobwebs, dust, old windows.  Strangely harmonising with pictures. They evoked memories, nostalgia in some visitors, others found a metaphor with the events in Ukraine. 

There are many young people who succumb to ideas of extremism and intolerance. They often cannot see the context with the past and the sad history of the 20th century. Many minorities in Slovakia still face certain forms of racism in the society. In relation to the war in Ukraine, Ukrainians fleeing from the war violence have become another minority along Hungarians and Romani in our town. They experience a similar destiny like Jews during the World War II who were victims of the genocide.


The vernissage NO TO WAR attracted many visitors. Pictures, photographs and works of art by local artists were installed on the first floor of the not yet reconstructed Jewish School. The voluntary contribution as well as the proceeds from the auction of the works will be used to support our Ukrainian fellow citizens.